Spring Harvest 2017 at Elizabeth Farm

Mother and child in the garden at Elizabeth Farm

In the garden at Elizabeth Farm. Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

This Sunday at Elizabeth Farm we’re celebrating the bounty of the season with Spring Harvest Festival 2017!  

Join our experienced SLM Horticulturists to hear about their recent Spring planting in the kitchen garden; learn how to build a simple no-dig garden, construct a bean frame, or plant your very own heirloom vegetable seeds to grow at home.

There are talks that explore the Macarthurs' interest in plants and Elizabeth Farm’s rich food heritage with our fellow SLM bloggers, The Cook and the Curator, as well as food demonstrations and delicious food on offer to tempt your appetite!  

Do you have an abundance of home grown fruits, vegetable or seeds? Bring them along to the Harvest and make a swap for something different you might like at the Crop Swap Sydney. You can visit the Crop Swap stall throughout the day for advice on growing your own edibles or to rifle through their seed library. They will also be collecting soil samples for free testing conducted by Vegesafe. Bring a sample of your soil to ensure that it is free from metal contaminants and safe for growing your own home produce. Find out what you need to bring to have your soil tested.

See you at the Festival!

Discover more about the Spring Harvest Festival here.

Photograph of SLM horticulturists at Vaucluse House
Horticulturists Steve Goldsworthy, Leigh Saeemadarae and Steve Halliday at the Gardens team headquarters at Vaucluse House. Photo © Stuart Miller for Sydney Living Museums

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