ALTO Olives

The foothills of Australia's Great Dividing Range are home to ALTO Olives, a dynamic family enterprise producing a diverse portfolio of exceptional quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Table Olives. Established in 1999, the high altitude cool climate ALTO groves are located near Crookwell, New South Wales, on the western facing slopes of the Great Divide, the landmass that separates Australia's coast from the inland. Since the 1860s this relatively isolated prosperous farming region has attracted pioneers seeking to produce high quality food: grain, meat, vegetables and more recently olives. The ALTO estate comprises 20,000 olive trees of different European origin varieties, each chosen for particular attributes: suitability to the climate, oil yield, quality and consistency. ALTO Olives has consistently been recognised as a producer of some Australia's best extra virgin olive oils and table olives, winning a multitude of awards both Nationally & Internationally every year.

Bottles of Olive Oil

Image courtesy of Alto Olives