Anna Cossu


Inspired by wonderful history teachers and after her own foray as a high school teacher, Anna found herself drawn to the world of museums and heritage interpretation.

In a 20-year career she has worked across a diverse field including visitor interpretation, education, and curatorial. Her great passion is people and their stories and how museums can best craft an experience that reveals something intrinsic and true of those lives and communities. As curator of Susannah Place Museum Anna fell in love with the everyday stories of the people of The Rocks and how their lives echoed similar stories in all our lives. She has curated major exhibitions for Sydney Living Museums – The Force: 150 years of NSW Police, Painting the Rocks: the loss of Old Sydney (co-curator), Street Photography and How to Move a Zoo.  

Anna Cossu, curator.

Anna Cossu, curator. Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museum