Anne-Louise Falson

Project Designer

Anne-Louise Falson is a Project Designer with Sydney Living Museums (SLM).

She has over 15 years industry experience working with a diverse range of clients and design disciplines in the public and private sectors in Australia and the UK. She studied Fine Art and Visual Communications and began her professional career as a photographer before shifting to print media.  

Anne-Louise creates exhibition graphics at SLM. This is a dream job for her; to work with truly inspiring content that fuels her life-long interest in art, heritage and the built environment. She is passionate about the creative process and the challenge of interpreting the stories to provide engaging and innovative designs that add value and meaning to the visitor experience. 

This is a photograph of a woman with short dark hair in front of a concrete wall.

Anne-Louise Falson at the Mint, Sydney. Photo Anne-Louise Falson © Sydney Living Museums