CWA Sydney City

Challenging the stereotype, CWA Sydney City is an active group of approx 45+ professional women, ranging in ages from 20s to 60s who meet monthly in the heart of Sydney's CBD. From getting involved in community projects, campaigning on social issues, fundraising for medical projects and educational scholarships or becoming part of an interest group, CWA Sydney City offers women from all walks of life a diverse range of opportunities to become involved - along with how to's on baking the perfect scone!

With the advent of popular TV cookery shows, gourmet chefs and the rejuvenation of time-honoured 'granny skills', there is increasing community interest in fresh local produce, home cooking, preserving and handicrafts. Along with reviving these traditions, CWA raises awareness and drives change around vital community issues including sustainability and the importance of eating locally and nationally by supporting Australian farmers and produce.

Members of CWA Sydney City behind a stall full of their produce

Image courtesy of CWA Sydney City