Eat Me Chutneys

Oh, hello there.  My name is Ankit. I’m the son of the mum (chutney queen) and son (3 star michelin trained chef) team behind a small Sydney based company teasingly named by my dad, Eat Me Chutneys.  We’re a chutney-making company and this is how .. 

Problem for Farmers / Food Wastage

Beauty contest leaves aesthetically wonky, bruised and excess fruits and vegetables destined for landfill.  Wasted food is also wasted inputs (energy, water and fertilisers). 

Solution for Customers / Chutneys

Chutneys / condiments made from fruits/veg, vinegar, spices, sugar.  Bit like jams, they’re more entertaining.  Wonky, squishy, bruised or simply unsold organic produce is what we rescue and convert it into rescued chutneys


Made in small batches in Sydney, we visit every farmer we obtain our produce from.  We've even trekked out to India to visit the farmers co-operative that grows our spices.  We like to know everyone in our supply chain. 

Shiny things 2016  

Finalists in Banksia Sustainability Awards in - / Banksia Leadership in the Circular Economy Award / Banksia Food for Sustainable Thought Award

Jars of produce

Eat Me Chutneys Photo © 2016 Alana Dimou