Hand'n'Hoe Macadamias

Hand N Hoe Organics is a small Australian owned family business located in the remote, pristine rain forest off the Comboyne plateau on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

All of our macadamia nuts are hand harvested on our solar-powered farm. We believe sustainable organic farming is the future.

Our certified organic macadamia butter is our signature product. The natural and roasted spreads are comprised of 100% macadamias. Nothing has been added. We make the product on the farm fresh to order. Despite having no additives or preservatives, the macadamia spread will keep a minimum of 8 months when refrigerated after opening.

The raw butter is considered as a butter substitute while the roasted butter is a peanut butter substitute. They can be both savory and sweet options.

Ideal for people with gluten, dairy, and peanut allergies, they are 100% vegan. There is no cholesterol in macadamias and they contain a high percentage of unsaturated fats.

And it tastes good.

Packet of macadamia nuts.

Hand n Hoe. Photo courtesy Hand n Hoe