Jaslyn Robertson

Jaslyn Robertson is a Melbourne-based composer, synth player and researcher navigating an emerging career in music with advocacy for diversity in the arts.

An excitement for unusual forms of expression, alternate tuning systems and experimentation in notation has drawn her to writing for unique instruments including the Theremin, double bell trombone, quartertone flugelhorn and analogue synths.

Her practice is varied, with compositions ranging from multimedia and animated notation to multichannel electronic works as well as solo and chamber instrumental pieces. As an improviser, she performs on touch-sensitive electronic instruments, creating sound on a spectrum between dreamy microtonal melodies and angular noise.

For her compositions she has won the Homophonic! Pride Prize, Monash Animated Notation Ensemble Commissioning Prize, the XYZ Prize for Innovation in Spoken Word Poetry for a collaboration with Eloise Grills, and participated in the Minimoog project at Darmstadt in 2021.

Jaslyn is a PhD candidate in music at Monash University, investigating the censorship of marginalised artists through the creation of a new chamber opera.

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Jaslyn Robertson.

Jaslyn Robertson. Image courtesy the artist