Jyoti Somerville

GML Heritage Associate

Jyoti Somerville, GML Heritage Associate, is an architectural conservation expert with over 30 years’ experience in built heritage conservation. Her expertise is focused on heritage assessments and conservation policies for buildings and their settings, ranging from large complex sites to individual buildings.

Jyoti specialises in nineteenth to late twentieth-century architectural heritage; groups of buildings and their settings; and the conservation of complex sites in urban and regional areas. She has a proven track record working with statutory bodies and public authorities to develop and resolve heritage issues and challenges. Jyoti’s work encompasses ‘hands-on’ conservation including condition assessments and scheduling of works for repair/restoration and adaptation of public, private and institutional buildings and sites.

Jyoti has acted as a heritage adviser and trainer for local government and she has held a number of key positions in the heritage industry including Vice President of Australia ICOMOS.

Photo of Jyoti Somerville

Jyoti Somerville. Photo © Chris Levins