Katie-Louise and Tim


Katie-Louise Nicol-Ford is a trained fashion and costume designer passionate about the fantasy and empowerment brought to life through the visual language of design. Following extensive experience throughout Australia and New York, Katie-Louise co-founded Nicol & Ford upon discovering that her vision for an artistic and expressive visual language was shared with partner Timothy. Working predominantly with community and treasured friends, Katie-Louise uses her craftsmanship to harness long-gatekept signifiers of femininity, transposing this joy and empowerment onto all bodies and tearing down industry expectations.


Timothy is a trained art historian, researcher and designer focussed on marrying design and aesthetics with untold queer histories. Together with their partner Katie-Louise, Timothy is the Creative and Conceptual Director of Nicol & Ford, an inclusive demi-couture fashion brand working with their community to celebrate diverse and oft overlooked voices and bodies – celebrated as breakthrough designers of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, 2022.

Katie-Louise & Tim

Katie-Louise Ford and Timothy Hugh Nichol. Photo courtesy the artists.