Kristen Allan

Artisan cheesemaker

Kristen Allan is an artisan cheesemaker who makes small batch, fresh cheeses and yoghurt from her cheesery based in Alexandria, Sydney. Learning from producers using traditional techniques, she has a passion for preserving artisan methods and making cheese with a truly hands-on approach. 

Kristen has worked on farms in Australia and Europe, learning the full process, from animal husbandry and hand milking, to the cheesemaking process itself and onto the art of affinage. 

A passionate advocate for all things cheese, Kristen has been making cheese for the last 12 years and teaching workshops for 5 years at the Cornersmith Picklery and for various councils around Sydney as part of their Treading Lightly programme. 

She is a regular presenter for Sydney Living Museum’s 'Eat your History', and has presented masterclasses at Rootstock, the Sustainable and Artisan Wine and Food festival.

Kristen is a founding member of Full Circle. For the last 6 years Full Circle have been holding food events, big, festive, secret dinners in unique, urban locations, factories, warehouses and farms. They run pop up ‘soupy’ in public spaces, and cook for private events too – sourcing and growing produce, meeting farmers, picking wild foods and making everything by hand, with care.

Her passion and her hospitality pedigree has given her a unique perspective in sourcing ingredients and producing seasonal cheeses and educating people about them, in a way that comes from the heart and is above all, lots of fun. 

Woman in shed.

Kristen Allan. Photo courtesy Kristen Allan.