Little White Dish

Deb Taylor is a potter with 26 years’ experience. Throwing is an essential part of her practice and she likes to think the appeal of her work lies in its simple aesthetic. Deb believes we covert and collect pieces that become part of our lives, our feasts and our ceremonies.

Deb has a great passion for the written word as a form of expression and surface treatment. This is also represented in her work with the bereaved in the making of customised cremation urns. The pieces featured in the shop originate from doll heads dug up from the site of an old German doll factory. Delicate plaster moulds have been made from the originals and slip cast reproductions create these unusual porcelain pendants strung on sterling silver ball chain. Cherubic babies, strange bald-headed men and elegant-looking ladies. There’s just enough space on each to cast a word or two.

From 1996 through to 1998 she attended the National Art School studying ceramics after which Deb spent 9 years as Artist-In-Residence at the University of New South Wales. In 2013 Deb, along with four colleagues, set up a new ceramics studio called claypool.



White rectangular pendant with word 'kindness' printed on it, with chain.

Little White Dish. Image courtesy the artist and Australian Design Centre