Michael Bogle

Design historian

Michael Bogle is a writer, historian and curator specialising in the history of architecture and design. He has produced books, articles and publications in many areas of design including furniture, interiors and popular culture. This includes a chapter on interior architecture of Sydney espresso bars and cocktail lounges in Leisure Space. The Transformation of Sydney 1945-1970, UNSW Press, 2014, Design in Flight [Marc Newson and the A380 Airbus] (2009), a collection of essays, Designing Australia (2002) and a survey history, Design in Australia 1880-1870 (1998). From 2010 to 2013, Michael undertook a series of oral histories of  imminent Australian interior designers for the Society of Interior Designers of Australia Foundation. His research interests centre on 20th century modernism in Australia.


Michael Bogle. Photo courtesy Michael Bogle