Miss Lilly's Kitchen*

Miss Lilly didn't much hold with fancy cookery. She measured by feel, mixed by hand, and passed on her recipes to a select few. The founder of Miss Lilly's Pies, her grandson, was one of them. So today we make her pies, pasties and sausage rolls with the same no-nonsense approach. The rich savoury fillings are made with real meat and our pastry isn't stingy on the shortening. We've made sure that we use free-range and pasture-feed just as it was back in the day when it was just called food. We believe in knowing who our suppliers and producers are so that we can trace our products back to the farm that it lived out its happy days on. We've made a few modern exceptions to our product we use spelt flour in all of our pastry so it's a bit easier on those with gluten sensitivities as well as using rice malt syrup instead of cane sugar. Now that would have had Miss Lilly scratching her head but we believe that change can be good and that would have earned her stamp of approval.

Photo of beef pie

Image courtesy of Miss Lilly's Kitchen