Our Festive Puds

We handmade all our bespoke Christmas Puddings and Cakes in our kitchens for you. Our signature Christmas cakes and puds are fresh and full of festive flavour! What’s in the mix? Nothing your Grandma wouldn’t recognise: Natural, additive-free ingredients combined with authentic cooking methods to create a delicious nostalgic taste of the festive season. We believe a festive cake or pudding, made by hand with the true taste of home, is a sumptuous experience to celebrate and enjoy. The addition of figs to our puddings produces aromatic, sweet tasting, light and “moreish” puds. We have traditional, gluten-free, no added sugar, and dairy-free varieties, as well as delicious Christmas treats.  

A collection of Christmas puddings with labels/wrapping.

Our Festive Puds Photo courtesy Our Festive Puds