Shoeb Ahmad

With a rich and extensive background in Australian music, Sia Ahmad has been creating idiosyncratic sounds over the last decade and more. Using guitar, keyboard, voice and electronics, she works both as singer/composer and improviser, when performing solo, as Shoeb Ahmad, as well as collaborative projects.⁠

She has released a diverse range of original music while also working on sound design for dance/theatre, installation pieces and contemporary chamber composition, inspired by 20th-century avant-classical works, Indian raga form and minimalist electronic music.⁠ Her latest release, Facade, was released in October 2021 on the Provenance Collective label. She has performed throughout Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the UK and South Eastern Asia as a solo artist, and with acclaimed groups such as Sensaround, Spartak, Tangents and the Australian Art Orchestra.

Visit Shoeb Ahmad’s Bandcamp webpage.


Woman kneeling on floor singing into microphone

Shoeb Ahmad. Photo by Jordan Kirk