The SpiceVine story is one of unyielding commitment to FRESH food; vibrant & free from artificial methods, extensive processing & unnatural ingredients. We handcraft fresh marinades, Stir-fry pastes & Sauces. Fresh herbs & spices are at the heart of every product, bringing flavour & nutrition to the diet. We put in freshest seasonal herbs & spices, blended in Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We create lovingly handcrafted in small batches with minimal processing to retain the integrity of produce. We keep out preservatives, emulsifiers & fillers, artificial colours, flavour enhances. The vivid colours, fresh vibrant flavours & intoxicating aromas are a testament to our production ethos.

Our products require refrigeration and have a natural shelf life (around 6 weeks). This is unlike most food products available today that have been treated in unnatural ways to last, compromising on flavour, texture and purity of the ingredients. We are an Australian owned and operated family business and manufacture in the North Shore using over 90% Australian ingredients.

Photo of food

Image courtesy of SpiceVine