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Search the Pictures Catalogue for paintings, drawings and photographs from the collections of all Sydney Living Museums’ properties including the forensic photography archive at the Justice & Police Museum.


The property collections include:

  • small collections of house portraits, including paintings and drawings of Elizabeth Bay House, Vaucluse House and Government House by the well-known colonial artist Conrad Martens (1801-1878) and others by his lesser-known contemporary George Edwards Peacock (1806-1890). There are twentieth century views of the Vaucluse estate by artists such as Douglas Dundas (1900-1981), Lionel Lindsay (1874-1961) and Eirene Mort (1879-1977). Our collection of prints and drawings of  Hyde Park Barracks traces the property’s appearance from the early years of the 20th century until the 1960s.
  • collections of historic photographs, including photographs of Vaucluse House and members of the Wentworth family and photographs of Rouse Hill House and members of the Rouse and Terry families.
  • The most extensive of these collections is the forensic photography archive at the Justice & Police Museum, which contains an estimated 130,000 negatives created by the New South Wales Police between 1910 and 1960. These are often powerful images. Although the events depicted, or alluded to, may have taken place in the 1920s or 1930s, some of these pictures may be confronting for some viewers.

The Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection includes:

  • a small number of historical photographs and other pictorial material of houses and gardens in New South Wales.
  • a collection of nineteenth century Australian pictures and pictures of other colonial places around the world, part of the collection gifted to the HHT in 2004 by the four children of the late Mrs Caroline Simpson OAM (1930 – 2003).

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