It's not quite a blank slate, but we're pretty much at square one.

Violent storms with hail and wild, squally winds are common in Sydney. But nothing could have prepared us for this. 

Shredding hail and torrential rains decimated the kitchen garden on Vaucluse Estate in late April 2015. While most of the larger trees and fenceline hedges were spared destruction, all but the hardiest plants were smashed to pieces with the main heirloom vegetable beds almost wiped clean.

As this video shows, there's plenty of work to be done to get things back in order and return the garden to its normally flourishing condition.

'It's not quite a blank slate', says SLM horticulturist Anita Rayner, 'but we're pretty much at square one'. 

Seedlings are already being nurtured in the glasshouse and will soon be ready for planting. Bamboo frames will be built to support climbers and composted soil will be wheel-barrowed in. The transformation, we're told, is already underway.

Make sure to check back in over the coming months, as Anita and her team nurse the garden back to health. Better still, drop in to the Vaucluse Estate to wander through this unusual garden, along with the majestic mansion and its beautiful grounds, and experience the place for real.

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