Missing Port Praya

21 June 1787

Portrait of Captain John Hunter

Capt John Hunter. Robert Dighton, 1792, hand-coloured engraving. Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection, Sydney Living Museums.

With insufficient quantities of fruit and vegetables obtained at Santa Cruz, Captain Phillip had planned to purchase more supplies at Port Praya on the island of St Jago (Santiago). However, as recorded by Captain John Hunter, the plan had to be abandoned:

… when we opened the Bay of Port Praya, we were Suddenly taken aback with the wind from the NW and every Ship appeared to have a different wind … it was thought that any attempt to gain the Anchorage under such unfavourable Circumstances, might be attended with the danger of some of the Ships getting on board each other; it was therefore determined to give up the intention and the Signal for Anchoring was hauled in.

The voyage