Susannah Place celebrated its 170th anniversary in 2014. 

A free community event held on 14 September 2014 brought together ex-residents and descendants of Susannah Place, former Gloucester Street neighbours, current residents of The Rocks and Millers Point and the general public.

Many former residents renewed friendships and exchanged memories of living in the area.  One ex-Gloucester Street resident met the current tenants of their old house and was invited in to see how the house had changed.

Throughout the day over 800 people wandered through the 170 year old houses; for many it was their first visit, for others it was a chance to show their grandchildren and great-grandchildren their former home and share their memories.

The 170th anniversary generated new oral histories interviews, donations to the museum, and some wonderful images of ex-residents and descendants in their former homes. 

Our thanks goes to City of Sydney who supported the Susannah Place 170th anniversary community day through a Local Community Grant. 

About the Author

Head and shoulders portrait of woman set against brick wall.
Anna Cossu
Susannah Place Museum, Museum of Sydney, Justice and Police Museum
Inspired by wonderful history teachers and after her own foray as a high school teacher, Anna found herself drawn to the world of museums and heritage interpretation.

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