Robot Romance

Claudia Chan Shaw has worked as an artist, author, curator, designer and public speaker but she’s probably most familiar to many as the presenter of the ABC show The Collectors. This role was well suited to Claudia, an avid collector since childhood.

Her various collections include a wide range of objects from champagne caps to first edition books and Humphrey Bogart memorabilia. Of particular interest is her collection of toys, a small selection of which she loaned to the Museum of Sydney for our Toys Through Time exhibition.

Claudia's toy collection is particularly impressive and range from a tin Never-Stop See Saw, dating from 1905, to newer objects such as reissued 1950's robots and a toy Bender from the Futurama cartoon series. Claudia grew up watching shows like Lost in Space and Robby was the first robot that captured her attention. Claudia sold her childhood toys at Sydney’s Balmain markets as a teenager and realised too late that she’d made a terrible mistake. Since then she has been making up for it by buying toys that remind her of her childhood and the TV shows and movies she watched growing up.

Find out more about her story in the video below:

It's all about the heart

Claudia Chan Shaw, 2015

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