Threads of connection
HR101/12-1:3. Detail view of an Egyptian-revival necklace in the form of a long serpentine silver rope chain set with turquoise glass scarabs and faux pearls. It has lengths of serpentine silver rope chain alternating between paired claw set glass scarabs and wire strung single faux pearls. The stylised glass scarabs are moulded and highlighted with gilt. The necklace is broken into three sections but is complete with the exception of one missing scarab and one missing pearl. Two pearls are damaged, one is scarab chipped and all are loose in their settings. Maker unknown, no maker’s mark, early 20th century. The Hamilton Rouse Hill Trust Collection, courtesy of the Historic Houses Trust, Photograph (c) Jamie North


Mug shot inscribed "Group of Criminals Central 1921", ca.1921, details unknown. Central Police Station, Sydney
Mug shot of Aiden Feutrill, 4 May 1920, location inknown.
Mug shot of C Smith, Joseph Bezzina, William J Williamson, Aiden Feutrill, George Hodder, William Thorson, 25 January 1928, Central Police Station, Sydney.
Mug shot of Eileen May Burt, 3 January 1924, Central Police Station, Sydney.
Mug shot of Emma Rolfe (also known as May Mulholland, Sybil White, Jean Harris and Eileen Mulholland), 1 April 1920, Central Police Station Sydney.
Mug shot of Harry Chapman, 30 June 1924. Location unknown.
Mug shot of Thomas Sutherland Jones and William Smith, 15 July 1921, Central Police Station, Sydney.