Get inside Sydney Open: volunteer!


Woman in pink shirt showing map to another person.
Sydney Open volunteer assisting a visitor at Carriageworks in 2017. Photo © Ken Leanfore / James Horan Pty Ltd for Sydney Living Museums
An opportunity to get even deeper inside some of Sydney’s most significant buildings is currently available, with SLM recruiting hundreds of Site Volunteers for Sydney Open.

The success of Sydney Open depends on the generous support of hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers who help over the weekend and in the weeks leading up to the event. Sydney Open volunteers come from all walks of life and play a vital role in promoting the city they love.

Volunteers tell us how they cherish the opportunity of getting behind-the-scenes of Sydney Open, and that volunteering takes them even deeper into secret, surprising and otherwise inaccessible aspects of the fascinating heritage and contemporary buildings in the program.

Dr Tilly Hinton, Program Producer, Sydney Open Volunteers

Site Volunteers are general event volunteers. They play a key role in creating a positive experience for visitors, providing information about the building and ensuring the public are directed through the site safely. They commit to a half or full day shift on Sunday 4 November, and some will volunteer also on Saturday 3 November.

An extensive training and support program is in place for all volunteers, including the hundreds who return year after year.

Read more about Sydney Open volunteering and apply now.