Exterior photograph of the Newington Armory, View of the 1897 Gunpowder Magazine.

Newington Armory, View of the 1897 Gunpowder Magazine. Photo courtesy Sydney Olympic Park Authority

After Dark: Newington Armory Gun Powder Magazine

Focus Tour - Saturday 2 November 2019

Sydney Olympic Park




NSW Military Forces, Commanding Engineer

Established in 1897 as a gunpowder magazine, the site was originally operated by the NSW Military Forces. It was later operated by the Australian Navy and was known as the Royal Australian Navy Armament Depot Newington. The site was in use until 1999, and is listed on the NSW State Heritage register.

Tour experience

Enjoy an opportunity to see a number of the original 1897 buildings and to explore the gunpowder magazine. Tour will include a walk through the corridors of the magazine where lanterns were once placed to light the inner storage chambers.


Julie Bishop

Her passion for Australia, its people and its culture, along with her broad knowledge base that includes a specialty in convict and colonial Australia, ensures that Julie delivers memorable guided experiences. Known for her educative style, depth of knowledge and friendly demeanour, Julie sees tour guiding as a privilege and joy.

Eva Blanda

In leading guided experiences of Newington Armory, Eva's interest in First Nations and colonial history and excellent site knowledge are evident as she creates and delivers enjoyable and insightful tours. Eva uses the variety of heritage buildings and artefacts to illustrate stories of the working life of this former military magazine.

  • Newington Armory, 1897 Gunpowder Magazine - walking through the lantern tunnels.
  • Newington Armory, View of the 1897 Gunpowder Magazine roof line.
  • Newington Armory, The 1897 Military Magazine, gates on the Parramatta River.

Key information

Session duration

60 mins


This tour has a capacity of 20 people per session.

Visitor requirements

Please allow ample time to park and walk to the tour meeting point.

Parking will be made available within Newington Armory. Please have your ticket ready on arrival at the Jamieson Road vehicular entry gates and follow the directions of the Staff/Volunteers.

We recommend wearing closed shoes and insect repellent as the tour is at dusk.

to know

  • Photography allowed

  • Toilets available

  • The walking route is uneven, containing some steps and loose gravel.