State archives on shelf at Western Sydney Records Centre.

State archives on shelf at Western Sydney Records Centre. Photo courtesy NSW State Archives

Behind the scenes of NSW State Archives

Focus Tour - Saturday 2 November





Government Architect

With a vast collection of historical records and archives dating back to the European settlement of Australia in 1788, NSW State Archives and Records is one of Australia’s pre-eminent Archives and Records Authorities. While preserving, developing and creating access for the State’s archives, NSW State Archives and Records is also responsible for managing and storing over 640 kilometres of Government records for NSW public offices.

NSW State Archives and Records has been on the Kingswood site since 1975 when the first storage facility to house 45 linear kilometres of records in Archival storage conditions was constructed under Government Architect Charles Weatherburn. Since that time there have been multiple additions to the building including a services building to provide public access facilities to the Collection.

Tour experience

Gain access to the State Archives Collection, dating from as early as 1788. Visitors will also be guided through the state-of-the-art records storage and conservation facilities while discovering the historical significance of the organisation.


Wendy Gallagher

Wendy Gallagher is the Senior Advisor, Regional Engagement at NSW State Archives. She has worked with the State Archives Collection for over 30 years and wants everyone to know more about this Collection. Wendy has worked both in the public Reading Room and behind the scenes managing new State archives as they arrive.

  • Exterior photograph showing the Front view of the Western Sydney Records Centre located at Kingswood, NSW.

Key information

Session duration

60 mins


This tour has a capacity of 25 people per session.

Visitor requirements

Please arrive 20 minutes before your tour start time and wear comfortable enclosed shoes. Once the tour is started it cannot be joined.

to know

  • Photography restricted
    Photography is allowed as directed by tour guide.

  • Toilets available

  • There are a number of staircases to climb in this tour and it also involves a lot of walking with little opportunity to sit or rest while the tour is in progress.