Interior photograph of BVN's Sydney Studio with people at work.

BVN, Team work desks and meeting rooms. Photo (c) Brett Boardman


Sunday 3 November 2019

Level 11, 255 Pitt Street, Sydney

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2018 (refurbishment)



Reflecting the growing diversity of work and life in the CBD, BVN’s industrial-style studio sits above the foyer of the Hilton Hotel, an oasis of five-star luxury and calm following its 2006 refurbishment. Along with designing educational and public buildings, Olympic and student housing, embassy and commercial buildings, architectural firm BVN specialises in redefining workplaces for its professional services clients. A hallmark of its approach is the blurring of traditional corporate hierarchies through research-based design. BVN’s Sydney studio is a raw, open space, expressing both the building structure and the firm’s own collaborative approach to practice.

The 1800-square-metre studio moved from a traditionally structured workplace to one that’s fully flexible. The dynamic floor plan is in a continual state of change, with the teams in control. BVN has devised a system where power and data are delivered and fed through a pivoting arm, called a data boom, servicing up to eight desks. All furniture is on wheels and teams can select to unplug from one team cluster to join another. Instead of office cubicles, its workstations and breakout zones are clustered through the space into ‘neighbourhoods’, set free of the windows, democratising access to daylight and views. The outlook includes the historic Queen Victoria Building and the streamlined ANZ Tower by FJMT.

During Sydney Open, visitors will be given the opportunity to see behind the scenes of a contemporary architecture studio. Walk and talk tours will be held throughout the day, as well as demonstrations of model building and virtual reality.

  • Interior photograph of BVN Sydney Studio, people using VR headsets in immersive space used for virtual reality demonstrations and team meetings.
  • Interior photograph of BVN's Sydney Studio with people sitting under wire light fitting.

On Sunday 3 November

What’s open?

Level 11, BVN studio

Spaces including the workshop, immersive virtual reality space, workspaces and meeting rooms will be accessible.

Talks, tours & more

Walk-and-talk tours will be held throughout the day as well as examples of model building and virtual reality demonstrations.

to know

  • Photography allowed

  • Toilets available

  • Pram friendly

  • Accessible
    Access to BVN via lifts closest to Pitt Street entrance

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Level 11, 255 Pitt Street, Sydney

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Pitt Street (via the Hilton Hotel)


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