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City Tattersalls: New Iconic Tower for Sydney’s Skyline

Preserving history through adaptation

City Tattersalls Club is a hidden gem located in the heart of the CBD. Redolent with history the club has been the social heart of the city, with its grand frontages to Pitt Street and extraordinary internal spaces – spaces with endless stories of the revels of yesteryear. Its redevelopment and the new tower are an opportunity to re-imagine and recreate. The project will breathe new life into City Tatts, reconnecting it with the urban milieu and, for the first time, connecting it to the sky.

Following an international design competition, BVN was selected for its integration of the building’s heritage components whilst providing a shimmering new hotel and residential tower above. It provides a place to meet and socialise, to stay and to live – an eclectic mix of delights.

The focus is on making great places to live, play and stay, whilst adding to the architectural richness of the Club and the City. The design seeks to create something that enhances the Club’s presence and identity in the City, linking street to sky to Harbour to Place.

A three-tiered approach, the existing club is to be refurbished by architects FJMT, restoring it to its original glamourous presence. Above the club is BVN’s hotel, with eight floors of rooms and associated amenities. Above this and offset from the forms below is the residential tower, resulting in a considered and elegant composition.

The planning maximises the views and amenity of the apartments and hotel rooms, whilst drawing natural light deep into the Club’s public and common spaces. The apartment layouts resolve the complex structural requirements building over the heritage club whilst making wonderful places to live.

BVN’s team will collaborate closely with FJMT to integrate the tower and Club buildings, a delightful assembly of buildings and spaces that have been created over the past 125 years. BVN are delighted to be working with the client and project management team including ICD Property, City Tattersalls Club, First Sponsor Consortium, PDS Group and of course FJMT to deliver this project.

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