The Future of Sydney

Panel discussion

In these unusual times, we invite you to be part of a conversation that matters: about the future of Sydney. Join us as we take a look at our city during the COVID-19 pandemic, the radical shifts we’ve seen in the ways the city is used (or not used), and the inspiring new ideas and ways of thinking that have been put into action. 

Now, more than ever, we realise the important role architecture and urban design play in how we interact with our city and each other. In Sydney, streets have been closed to traffic, allowing for other uses. Footpaths have been widened, and green spaces and public parks are more popular than ever. As our changing work practices impact the role of the CBD, we see more opportunities for creatives to carve out spaces for other activities. How can we ensure Sydney remains healthy, creative and open to new solutions in the future?

Watch the lively discussion on what a reimagined Sydney could look like and how we can use this moment of crisis to dream up new futures together. The panel features key figures from the government, design and architecture sectors.

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Meet the speakers

  • Black and white headshot of woman.

    Abbie Galvin

    Government Architect, NSW

    Abbie’s work is focussed on promoting the architectural quality of the built environment and making the physical world around us better for everyone through the power of great design.

    Learn more about Abbie.

  • Joe Karten

    National Sustainability Manager, Built

    Joe has applied his international technical experience to the Australian green buildings market for the past 13 years and was Property Council of Australia Future Leader of the Year in 2017.

    Learn more about Joe.

  • Jess Miller

    City of Sydney Councillor & Program Director, Greener Spaces Better Places.

    Jess is passionate about creating community resilience and more liveable cities, reducing waste, improving food security, increasing urban greening and driving the night-time economy for Sydney.

    Learn more about Jess.

  • Caroline Butler-Bowdon

    Executive Director, Public Spaces, NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment

    Spanning 20 years, Caroline’s career has been dedicated to cultural leadership that connects citizens and tourists to special places, the arts and heritage.

    Learn more about Caroline.

  • Sacha Coles

    Director, Design and Strategy, ASPECT Studios

    Recognised as one of the top 30 Landscape Architects operating globally Sacha is a globally renowned design leader with a record of excellence in creating projects of transformational change.

    Learn more about Sacha.

  • Photo of Ninotschka Titchkosky looking out of frame

    Ninotschka Titchkosky

    Co-CEO of BVN

    As Strategic Champion of Digital Innovation and Robotics, Ninotschka is interested in future scenarios and possibilities that can emerge through project sthat have global currency.

    Learn more about Ninotschka.

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