Q & A with Aidan Anderson

Founder of The Local Project

Aidan Anderson is our Sydney Open Home ambassador this year. As Founder of The Local Project, he is looking forward to sharing some of this year’s inspiring local architecture and design projects with you. 

Why did you start The Local Project?

The journey started around five years ago now (but it seems longer at times). I had always been fascinated with beautiful design and architecture. After studying architecture at a tertiary level I decided to set up my own work shop designing and making furniture. It turns out I was more passionate about promoting beautiful design’s than I was at creating them, and from this a platform to support and showcase the Australian design industry was born.     

What makes a house a home?

The Local Project is all about what we like to call ‘human-centred design’. This means we like to delve into the story of the people behind the beautiful photographs - the architects, builders, clients and anyone else involved in the process of turning a dream into reality. Therefore it is the people that leave their mark on every brick, every floorboard and every window pane that turn a house into a home.  

What role have architecture and design played for you personally during the last six months of the Covid-19 situation?

Like the rest of the world, architecture and design has provided an escape for me during the last 6 months. I am lucky to be able to interact with such incredible projects on a daily basis and have often found myself daydreaming about ways in which I can re-design my internal surroundings as my gaze has been focused inwards.  

What do you think makes Sydney’s architecture unique?

Sydney has done a fantastic job of preserving the architectural fabric of the city whilst paying tribute to our history. It is the mix of the heritage buildings of the Rocks, Harry Seidler’s skyscrapers in the CBD and the Brutalist structures that adorn our harbour foreshore that make our architecture so unique. 

If you could visit any house in Sydney what would it be and why?

That’s a tough question! I guess I would have to say Kirribilli House. The idea of a group of mates having a BBQ and playing cricket on the Prime Ministers front lawn is just too good an image to pass up.

Black and white portrait of man.

Aidan Anderson. Photo courtesy Aidan Anderson