Meet Sydney Open Ambassador Drew Heath

Ambassador Drew Heath shares his top five buildings to explore during Sydney Open on Sunday 5 November.

1. Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Although the new extension has taken some criticism I like it…what makes more sense than a pile of boxes of different sizes to put artwork in…form follows function!

2. AMP Building

I love this mini tower. A great dame of early Sydney Internationalism.

3. Grosvenor Place

I am a huge fan of this dignified piece of engineering. A tower that relates to the city and the sun. A fantastic foyer of art and structure.

4. Sydney Masonic Centre

This is architects’ architecture. A great display of Brutalism in concrete. The finishing of the tower was executed perfectly to match the base.

5. Australia Square

The podium here is brilliant in that it allows you to traverse the building in so many ways...little paths and big promenades. A great urban square of European class.

Drew Heath

Drew Heath

Director of Drew Heath Architects

Drew Heath is the Director of Drew Heath Architects, an Architectural firm based in Avalon, NSW specializing in handcrafted buildings with low environmental impact. Drew has concentrated on being involved in making houses, both designing and building, for the last 25 years, including being involved directly in three Wilkinson Award winning houses (the highest Institute award in NSW). The designs that Drew creates concentrate on craftsmanship, the use of real materials, architectural sophistication and some connection or enabling of landscape within a complex.