Volunteering at Sydney Open

About volunteering for Sydney Open

Sydney Open is Australia's premier open building event, a celebration of heritage and contemporary architecture, held in Sydney each November. Sydney Open gives inquisitive Sydneysiders the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of more than 80 of Sydney’s best-loved buildings.

The success of Sydney Open depends on the generous support of hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers who help over the weekend and in the weeks leading up to the event.  Sydney Open volunteers come from all walks of life and play a vital role in promoting the city they love.

How do I apply to volunteer?

Applications to volunteer at Sydney Open 2019 are now open. Please click on the link below to fill in the application form.

Click here to apply!

When and where does Sydney Open happen?

Sydney Open is held on the first weekend of November each year, at sites in the CBD and elsewhere in Sydney. In 2019 the dates for Sydney Open are Saturday 2 November 2 and Sunday 3 November.

Why volunteer?

Volunteers at Sydney Open have the fantastic opportunity to participate in a vibrant and much-loved event in Sydney's cultural calendar. Many volunteers have helped over several years of Sydney Open and we are delighted to welcome new volunteers into the Sydney Open team. We have volunteers of all ages (with a minimum age requirement of 18 years) and backgrounds coming together to share a common passion for Sydney’s architecture, to lend their skills, and gain experience of supporting a large-scale event. All our volunteers get the chance to meet new people, be involved in the community, share a passion for Sydney’s architecture and above all have fun!  There's also the t-shirt, the friends for life, a certificate of appreciation, the fabulous after-party and more.

What do volunteers do?

Site Volunteers are general event volunteers. They play a key role in creating a positive experience for visitors, providing information about the building and ensuring the public are directed through the site safely. Site Volunteers participating on the Sunday work in a busy environment and assist with managing queues and providing event and site information. Site Volunteers involved on the Saturday work at sites with small groups of visitors and support the organised and timely running of the Focus Tours. Saturday shifts are released only to volunteers serving a Sunday shift.

How many volunteers are involved?

As many as 500 volunteers come together to make Sydney Open happen, in a mix of roles.

How long will my shift be?

All Site Volunteers must complete a half or full day shift on the Sunday. Typically, half day shifts are in the morning or the afternoon for up to 5 hours, and full day shifts run for up to 9 hours. As only a small number of Site Volunteers are needed for the Saturday Focus Tours, these shifts will be offered to selected Site Volunteers based on previous Sydney Open experience or Sunday site selection. The length of these shifts depends on the timing of Focus Tours at each site but we expect half and full day shifts to be available. Please read the Role Description for more detail about the time commitment.

How do I get involved?

If you'd like to be kept informed of future volunteering opportunities, sign up for our Volunteer Opportunities newsletter.

How long after applying will I know the outcome?

It may take a few weeks before you are advised of the outcome of your application. Make sure you have completed all aspects of your application, including the CV and ID upload. Please note that if you have expressed interest through Seek, you are still required to submit an application through the SLM website.

What training is required?

All volunteers undertake a mix of compulsory face-to-face and online training to ensure readiness and confidence to volunteer.

Can I choose which building I volunteer at?

Site Volunteers will be able to choose their own shift at the building of their choice, subject to availability. Shifts are released in October. Volunteer Site Supervisors are allocated to their site shortly after being interviewed. This is based on the level of complexity of the site as well as the Site Supervisor’s ability and building preference.

I volunteered for a previous Sydney Open. Do I have to complete the online application form and attend the training this year?

Site Volunteers who have volunteered at Sydney Open in the past few years are invited to volunteer again, and do not need to reapply online. Site Volunteers who participated in Sydney Open 2014 or earlier will need to reapply using the online application form and supply a CV & ID documents. Once you are in our system you will not have to apply again next year!

All Site Volunteers must complete all training requirements to prepare for Sydney Open, even if they have volunteered before. Event information changes and we need to ensure you have the correct information for the current year.

I don’t have an email address. Can I still volunteer at Sydney Open?

Unfortunately, no. All Sydney Open volunteers must have a valid email address they can use for the duration of the project. This is because we are coordinating a large number of volunteers across multiple roles and we need to be able to communicate quickly and easily. Volunteer Site Supervisors also need to be able to communicate easily with their Site Volunteers.

I have an enquiry about volunteering for Sydney Open. How do I make contact?

You can email Helani Kapi, our Program Producer, Sydney Open Volunteers.