Lavishly furnished room with crimson and red upholstered chairs and crimson toned carpet, stencilled wallpaper and other ornaments.
In 1879, colonial architect James Barnet commissioned the firm Lyon, Cottier & Co to decorate the state room interiors of Government House.
The eastern terrace at Government House, with its spectacular views over Sydney Harbour, has been the focus for lavish receptions and outdoor entertainment since 1862.
Photo showing some crystal glass pieces of a chandelier in the foreground with a person wrapping them in the background
A short film about the chandeliers at Government House shot during conservation works in 2013.
A painted scene of a tranquil bay, bordered with a lush garden of palm trees and shrubs and 2 people talking inthe forground overlooking a large house on a headland opposite and castle-like building on peninsula.
In June 1845, Sir George Gipps, his wife Elizabeth and their entourage of staff moved into the most sophisticated and architecturally accomplished building in the colony: Government House.