Terms and Conditions

Location credit

As part of the approval process for location shoots, Sydney Living Museums Venues, where it deems appropriate, will require a location credit. The applicant is requested to confirm availability of location credit options as part of the application process.


Availability for film and photography shoots is dependent upon the respective property’s daily business schedule. In assessing the application, consideration will be given to the proposed location of the shoot and the impact it will have on the property.

Location fees

Please contact your Venue Coordinator for more information on fees.


Sydney Living Museums’ primary objective is the conservation of our properties for future generations to enjoy. Moving museum objects or furniture within the properties by non-Sydney Living Museums staff is strictly prohibited. Any requests to move museum furniture or objects must be referred to the Sydney Living Museums staff member managing the location shoot, and additional fees may apply.


Sydney Living Museums reserves the right to charge a $2,000 bond for certain location shoots. The bond will be held for seven days after the conclusion of the booking, to ensure that the property is left in a satisfactory condition and has not incurred extraordinary cleaning costs, damage to equipment or damage to the property as a result of the shoot.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance of not less than $20 million indemnifying Sydney Living Museums against any claims for damage or injury arising from the activities must be attached to the application form.