Protecting National Historic Sites Programme


In June 2015, Sydney Living Museums (SLM) received Federal Government grant funding of $1.85M through the Protecting National Historic Sites Programme (PNHS) to undertake a range of projects 

These projects are taking place at the UNESCO World Heritage listed Hyde Park Barracks (PNHS-7), and the nationally listed site of First Government House (PNHS-11) - where the Museum of Sydney is situated.

The PNHS grant funding is a three year programme, starting  in the 2014/15 financial year and running until the end of the 2016/17 financial year. We are on-target with programme delivery and total grant expenditure of $252,369 in its second year, the 2015/16 financial year.

The projects in progress include: audience research; new conservation management plans; new interpretation master-planning; detailed design; and renewed site interpretation works. 

The key achievements for PNHS 2015/16 were:

  • Audience Research Stage 1 – Final Report by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre (May 2016) is complete. The report documents the qualitative and quantitative audience research, audience forums, and front-end evaluation together with results from visitor intercept surveys (exit & on-street). The research provides valuable audience insights being incorporated by the interpretative designers for both Hyde Park Barracks Museum and site of First Government House.
  • Conservation Management Plans (CMP) - Consultant heritage planners have been appointed in March 2016 to prepare CMPs including:  LSJ Heritage Planning & Architecture for Hyde Park Barracks; and GML Heritage for site of First Government House.  Stakeholder Consultation Findings for both CMPs are complete with over 40 attendees in May 2016 from interest groups, museum users, academics, historians, archaeologists, heritage architects, state and local government. The forums were a success in understanding stakeholder’s interest in these nationally significant sites.
  • Interpretation Masterplans – Interpretive designers HAY|HEBBLETHWAITE and Architects JPW have been appointed to prepare Masterplans to take a new look at the presentation, interpretive and education experiences of both Hyde Park Barracks Museum and the site of First Government House, expanding the experience of the places as a nationally significant sites and capturing the audience’s imagination on arrival to both museums.
  • Content Development Think-Tank Workshop for HPBM - this was held on 8 June 2016 with both David Hebblethwaite and Chris Hay as experienced facilitators of HAY|HEBBLETHWAITE. They led over 40 internal and external stakeholders in workshopping the key messages, stories, values, events that have shaped the history of the Hyde Park Barracks Museum. The workshop was a success with valuable input and outcomes.


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Summer school holiday funThursday 24 November 2016

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The Cook and the Curator

Give us our dairy breadThursday 12 January 2017

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