Vaucluse House wisteria bursts into bloom


Staff arrived at Vaucluse House yesterday morning to find that the iconic wisteria which covers the verandah, in tantalising (but grey and uninspiring) bud all of last week, had burst into soft and fragrant bloom over the weekend; a striking riot of mauve against the warmer tones of the house.

One of the most frequent enquiries we receive at Vaucluse House, particularly around this time of year, is when the wisteria will be looking its best. While this is usually around the middle part of September (and varies around the estate, with some plantings blooming in the weeks preceding or following those on the verandah) it is difficult to know with absolute certainty until it happens.

Happily, it should now be looking lovely for the next couple of weeks.

Take a seat on the veranda to appreciate the sweetly scented and purple-tinted shade, then come into the house for a tour, or just to wander the rooms and appreciate the spectacle from another, altogether grander point of view.

Vaucluse House is open Wednesday-Sunday 10am-4pm. 

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