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Image reproduction

Low resolution versions of images in our collection are available free of charge; however supply of high resolution images for reproduction or private use need to be ordered and will incur a charge.

Low resolution versions of images in our collection are available free of charge and can be downloaded from our website through the Pictures Collection Catalogue.

Supply of high resolution TIFF files, for reproduction or private use, will incur an administrative charge of $44.00 per image, including GST.  

Please contact to order images.

Standard processing time for image requests is up to 15 working days - urgent requests are subject to staff workload and may incur an additional fee.  Requests to use images from the NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive may require curatorial review and approval, and this process may take up to six weeks.  

Images will be delivered electronically unless otherwise requested.  Postal delivery of image files burned to CD will incur an additional charge of $5.00 (Australia) or $20.00 (international).

Where an image is in copyright and the copyright is not held by Sydney Living Museums, you will be required to obtain permission to reproduce from the copyright holder or their legal representative, and provide written documentation to Sydney Living Museums before an image can be released. We will endeavour to assist with contact details of copyright holders where possible.