Elizabeth Bay House
Looking out window, Elizabeth Bay House. Photograph © Haley Richardson and Stuart Miller for Sydney Living Museums

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11AM - 4PM
Please note: On Sat 27 Sep the house will be open 10am to 12pm only, due to a matinee performance.
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7 Onslow Avenue, Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011


+61 2 9356 3022
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Built at 'very considerable expense', Elizabeth Bay House was once the finest house in the colony, set within a garden of the most remarkable extravagance and fancy. Yet it tells a familiar Sydney story: of ambition and passion over-stretched, of riches to ruin.

Closeup of glass case with colourful butterflies pinned inside it. Elizabeth Bay House.

With commanding views over Sydney Harbour, Elizabeth Bay House gleams like a Greek temple. Once surrounded by famous landscaped gardens, it is one of the most splendid private houses ever built in Australia and still arouses our delight and astonishment. Its elegant rooms and fine proportions, sweeping staircase and lavish furnishings reveal the tastes and aspirations of its original owner, Alexander Macleay, after the governor, the most important public official in colonial Sydney. But it was his magnificent gardens which most keenly expressed his tastes and passions, and in the economic downturn of the 1840s pushed him towards ruin. Elizabeth Bay House is an iconic Sydney home, with an iconic Sydney back-story of obsession for property and position stretched beyond means and undone by changing financial times.

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Person sitting on lounge in living room.


Armchair Apocalypse comes to Elizabeth Bay HouseFriday 19 September 2014

A long table being laid with champagne glasses and china teapots, cups, saucers.


Colonial High TeaWednesday 27 August 2014

This Spring, we at Sydney Living Museums and Fresh Catering invite you to transport your taste buds back in time over five special weekends at three very special museums, commencing this Father's Day weekend.

Woman's hands working with threads.

Home + Architecture

Curtains, cushions, tassels and table runnersTuesday 26 August 2014

Drop in to Elizabeth Bay House to see our volunteer soft furnishings group in action and look at what is being created for our house museums and programs.

Guide Karl and guest looking into the breakfast room, Elizabeth Bay House Sydney


By the light of a candleFriday 4 July 2014

With shutters drawn, lights switched off and iPhones hidden away, guests at Elizabeth Bay House were transported back to a time before the convenience of electricity. In the...

Sunrise at Elizabeth Bay House


Perfect conditions for solstice breakfastMonday 23 June 2014

While the view from Elizabeth Bay House is always fantastic, at winter...

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#sydlivmus #elizabethbayhouse

#sydlivmus #elizabethbayhouse

1 day 3 hours
Colonial high tea at Elizabeth bay house. #sydlivmus #elizabethbayhouse

Colonial high tea at Elizabeth bay house. #sydlivmus #elizabethbayhouse

1 day 3 hours
From the stairs #elizabethbayhouse

From the stairs #elizabethbayhouse

1 day 21 hours
Rusted candle chandelier. #elizabethbayhouse

Rusted candle chandelier. #elizabethbayhouse

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#elizabethbayhouse /// .... view from a bed
So high and lonely...
What I said, truth is worth more than pride. -Finn

#elizabethbayhouse /// .... view from a bed So high and lonely... What I said, truth is worth more than pride. -Finn

2 days 1 hour
High tea at Elizabeth bay house in the Macleay's dining room. #sydlivmus #hightea #elizabethbayhouse

High tea at Elizabeth bay house in the Macleay's dining room. #sydlivmus #hightea #elizabethbayhouse

1 week 2 days
High tea @ living museums #elizabethbayhouse #applesnow #saturdayadventures #sydney

High tea @ living museums #elizabethbayhouse #applesnow #saturdayadventures #sydney

1 week 2 days