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Cnr Phillip and Bridge Streets, Sydney, NSW 2000


Museum: 02 9251 5988
The Governors Table: 02 9241 1788
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For 57 years first Government House was the centre of the social, ceremonial and political life of the colony of NSW. Today the Museum of Sydney protects the fragile remains of this deeply significant and symbolic site, and tells ongoing stories of Sydney and its people.

Old watercolour showing the harbour, foreshore area and gardens in front of first Government House. Yachts and aborigines in canoes are depicted on the water. First Government House, Sydney by John Eyre.

A modern museum built over and around the remains of Australia’s first Government House, the Museum of Sydney celebrates the people and events that have shaped the character and soul of this city. In 1788 Governor Phillip chose this site for his official residence. It quickly became the centre of the colony’s administrative and social life, and an important focus of first contact between the Gadigal people and the colonisers. The next eight governors also lived here, and as banquets and balls, the business of government and family home merged, the public and private lives of the colony’s leading citizens played out. Today, through a diverse and changing program of exhibitions and events, the Museum of Sydney explores the stories of this city from its origins to today, while the remains of the original building can be glimpsed through glass openings in the museum forecourt and foyer.

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Rocco Fazzari draws for SLMTuesday 16 December 2014

Sydney Living Museums has commissioned artist Rocco Fazzari to create a series of fine line drawings of the twelve museums in our portfolio.

Image of Killara House


Seidler exhibition review: ArchitectureAUTuesday 16 December 2014

This is an image of a coloured artwork with layers of semicircle shapes

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A straight edge and a semicircleMonday 15 December 2014

Architect Harry Seidler and artist Frank Stella collaborated on just one project - Grosvenor Place. But the influence of Stella’s work is evident in the geometric plans of many houses, towers and civic centres designed by Seidler.

Children with chickens in outdoor setting.

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Vacation Care groupsSunday 7 December 2014

Sydney Living Museums now offers tailored vacation care programs at Hyde Park Barracks Museum, Elizabeth Farm, Rouse Hill House & Farm, Vaucluse House, and Museum of Sydney.

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Museum of Sydney

New signs of the timesWednesday 19 November 2014

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Stories from the Museum of Sydney

This is a photograph showing the edge of a knitted garment made from yarn in blue, orange, red, brown and pink

The Family Yarn

Vivian Chan Shaw has been a celebrated Australian fashion designer since the 1970s but her ancestral connection to Australia and creative flair crosses many generations.
Image of a partly constructed bridge with workers standing on steel girders high above the harbour.

Bridging Sydney

The story of Sydney's Harbour Bridge unfolds like an epic tale. The 2006 exhibition and book, Bridging Sydney, chronicles its long development and dramatic construction.
Painting showing the exterior of a building with a dirt road

Painting the Rocks: The Loss of Old Sydney

A joint initiative of the Historic Houses Trust and Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Painting the Rocks was an exhibition held at the Museum of Sydney from 7 August 2010 – 28 November 2010.
B/W photo of middle aged man looking directly into the camera

Sydney Visionaries

Cities are not just built. They are created by movers, shakers, dreamers and schemers. Sydney is no different. Drawing on the exhibition at Museum of Sydney, this article profiles eleven trail-blazers who, through intellect, determination and passion, influenced the shape, culture and identity of this harbour city.
Woman leaning over scale model at work adjusting section of verandah roof.


A beautifully crafted scale model shows, for the first time, the final form of Sydney's original government house, having grown from a basic six-room home to the rambling edifice, eventually demolished in 1845–1846.
Portrait of Elizabeth Macquarie wearing large white frilled collar and black dress. She is looking slightly sideways and has short curly reddish hair.


Historian Jane Kelso describes a busy schedule of social gatherings and official events at Sydney's Government House during the governorship of Lachlan Macquarie.
Colourised image of boys standing around with wheel borrows filled with bricks.

Skint! Making do in the great depression

On Tuesday 29 October 1929 the New York stock market collapsed. Twenty-six billion dollars vanished into thin air, leaving markets in ruin for the next 3 years. Australian exports fell overnight, leaving local industries at a standstill, driving up unemployment, misery and hardship. Australia's debts to overseas banks were impossible to meet. Wage cuts, shorter working hours and brakes on government expenditure hit hard. The great depression dug in...
Black and white image of a man dressed in white rowing a dinghy in calm water.

AN EDWARDIAN SUMMER: Sydney through the lens of Arthur Wigram Allen

In the heady and exciting years before World War I, Sydney lawyer and identity Arthur Wigram Allen, a tirelessly enthusiastic photographer, focused his attention on the myriad social and technological changes occurring around himself and his family. His talent for amateur photography produced extraordinary pictures that offer a fresh insight into Sydney's Edwardian years.

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#museumofsydney if I'm not mistaken #snapsydney #ilovesydney #sydney #nsw #australia

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Adventures! Aztecs exhibit at Sydney Museum #lategram #weekend #vivalamexico #aztecs #history #nerd #geekout #museumofsydney #lovinit #greatexhibit #ancienthistory

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#hugoinsydney #museumofsydney #cooldudes #munsterkids #harryseidler

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What little boys dreams are made of #lego #museumofsydney

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Now serving almond milk coffee !! #Thegovernorstable #museumofsydney #latteart #barista #coffee #nutmilk #dairyfree #sugarfree #soyfree #superfoods #baristablend #Sydney #Australia #australianmade

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This man may quite possibly have the best job in the world. #ryanmcnaught. #CertifiedLegoBuilder #sydlivmus #museumofsydney #lego

This man may quite possibly have the best job in the world. #ryanmcnaught. #CertifiedLegoBuilder #sydlivmus #museumofsydney #lego

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Who can tell me where I am? #Lego #museumofsydney

Who can tell me where I am? #Lego #museumofsydney

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It's amazing to watch the @sydlivmus team build our #SLMtowers. 
Exhibition opens this weekend!

It's amazing to watch the @sydlivmus team build our #SLMtowers. Exhibition opens this weekend!

1 week 2 days