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The Mint. Photo © Nicholas Watt for Sydney Living Museums MIN13_0064

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10 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000


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Financed with 45,000 gallons of rum, Governor Macquarie’s ‘Rum Hospital’ provided 200 beds for convict patients. But stuffy, overcrowded and rife with dysentery, it quickly became known as ‘the Sidney Slaughter House’.

Series of B/W illustrations of metal rolling and coin pressing machinary and an exterior view of a large 2 storey verandah building with workers. The Royal Mint, Sydney.

In this award-winning redevelopment of Sydney CBD’s oldest public building and historic coining factory, past and present truly co-exist. Facing Macquarie Street, the elegant colonnaded building once formed the southern wing of Governor Macquarie’s notorious Rum Hospital and later part of the first overseas branch of London’s Royal Mint. The coining factory behind, shipped in pieces from England during the height of the gold rushes, contained the most cutting-edge technology in the colony. Integrating new and heritage buildings, historic structures and archaeological elements, the site today houses our head office and verandah café, while the central courtyard provides a tranquil oasis on Sydney’s busy Macquarie Street. The Mint is also home to the Caroline Simpson Library, which holds the only public research collection in Australia dedicated to the history of the home and garden.

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Children & Family

Summer school holiday funThursday 24 November 2016

Hand-coloured image of branch of tree with leaves, lemon and flowers.

Sydney Open 2016

Convicts, scurvy and the General 'Rum' HospitalThursday 3 November 2016

Convicts who were lucky enough to survive the transportation voyage, often arrived at Sydney Cove suffering infectious disease or other illness, and were admitted directly to the colony’s General 'Rum' Hospital.

Pencil drawing on fragile paper.

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200 years of the NSW Government ArchitectThursday 23 June 2016

When Francis Greenway was appointed Civil Architect by Governor Lachlan Macquarie in March 1816, he became the first government architect of New South Wales, a post which celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2016.

The exterior of the Mint in Sydney.

The Mint

200 years of the Rum Hospital: a symposiumWednesday 1 June 2016

Two children in old-fashioned kitchen using implements in front of window.

Children & Family

Autumn school holiday funFriday 18 March 2016

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When the Sydney Mint’s Coining Factory opened in May 1855 it contained the most cutting-edge technology in the colony. The building itself was equally innovative. Made of prefabricated cast-iron components, it was shipped in pieces to Sydney, where it could be quickly assembled.