Conservation in Action: Woolshed Conservation Works update


Structural repair works are well underway in the Woolshed at Rouse Hill.

Following the complex task of removing a large number of collection items and hazardous materials from the building late last year, in January 2021 the project team began stabilising the building using props and tensioning systems to give way for the final investigations around posts and beams. 

Sitting on the ground for many years, the structure had suffered from rot and pest decay causing it to settle and move laterally, displacing roof sheets that in turn have allowed water to enter. The close inspections allowed the team to confirm the extent of this deterioration and the amount of work needed.

For the past few months the SLM Project team, alongside the structural engineer and the conservation carpenter, have worked to unpack the complicated and fragile structure, exposing some of the beautiful original construction details such as scarf and mortice and tenon joints, which will be replicated in the new repairs.

As part of the works this week, the roof of the building was opened and a 5 metre hardwood post was lifted and positioned in the interior of the shed. This post replaced a heavily rotted member that had suffered from termite damage and no longer had any structural integrity.

Stay tuned as we make progress through the building.

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