About Convict Sleepover

The Unlocking Heritage Convict Sleepover is no longer available; however we haven’t given up yet. 

We are still working towards accessing more funding to keep this unique experience happening so that more primary students from NSW rural and regional schools have the opportunity to visit Sydney, and follow in the footsteps of the convicts who stayed at Hyde Park Barracks almost 200 years ago.

Since the first Convict Sleepover in September 2015, 3,000 primary students and their teachers from 100 NSW rural and regional schools slept over at Hyde Park Barracks Museum.

Thank you to our amazing ‘convict overseers’ who led the lantern lit tours, played games and took their convicts on a magical journey into the past.

Thank you to all the teachers, parents and staff who gave up a night of sleep to give their students this amazing experience.

And this is what some the students told us about their experience:

It was a thrilling adventure, knowing that 200 years ago convicts were in the same place you are today.

I think playing the games was fun, and spending the night in the hammocks was a new and exciting experience for me.

My favourite part was learning about convicts and how their life was like. PS I will never forget it.