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This tiny ambrotype portrait of Edwin Stephen Rouse (1849-1931), 4.5 cm in length, has been mounted in a rococo style pinchbeck frame to make a brooch, probably as a keepsake for his mother, Hannah Terry Rouse nee Hipkins (1819-1907). Edwin Stephen was the fifth and youngest child of Hannah and her husband Edwin Rouse (1806-1862) and he was the grandson of Richard and Elizabeth Rouse of Rouse Hill House in the Parramatta district of New South Wales. He was born at the Rouse family property Guntawang near Mudgee in the central west of New South Wales, but by the time this photograph was taken, probably in late 1855, Edwin and Hannah Rouse and their children had come to live at Rouse Hill House.  Edwin Stephen inherited Rouse Hill House after the death of his father in 1862 and in 1874 he married Eliza Ann (Bessie) Buchanan, daughter of William Buchanan, civil engineer, surveyor and pastoralist.

Photograph: Jenni Carter, 2008
Rouse Hill House & Farm
Edwin Stephen Rouse (c1855) Edwin Stephen Rouse (c1855)
Hamilton Rouse Hill Trust Collection