Autumn Harvest Festival 2015

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Experience a taste of the country – right at your back door – as we celebrate the bounty of the Autumn Harvest.

For one day only, we invite you to explore the rustic setting of Rouse Hill House & Farm as you browse, sample, sip and shop from a handpicked selection of products from Greater Sydney’s finest artisan producers.

Enjoy food demonstrations and talks, and meet the producers to discover the story behind your food.

Take a tour of the historic Rouse Hill House, its fascinating outbuildings and paddocks. Pack a picnic rug and enjoy a delicious spread from our premium food vendors.



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Speaker & Tour Facilitator Profiles

Barbara Sweeney, Food Writer (Talks Host)

Barbara writes about food for the Sydney Morning Herald and is regional editor of The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. She is also a columnist and feature writer for Country Style magazine, writing about encounters with curious piglets, beekeepers and pineapple growers.

In a lifetime of working in hospitality, Barbara has owned a small country café, worked in a 100-year-old Italian palazzo hotel and presented food segments for radio and television. She has revelled in all the experiences that have come her way: sipping on vintage wines, meeting top chefs, stamping through fields with farmers and, most of all, sitting at the table.

In 2012 Barbara staged the inaugural Food and Words food writers’ festival in Sydney, an event where food writers talk about books that matter and writers contemplate food.

Barbara cannot imagine a life without cooking and eating – or talking about either.

Grant Hilliard, Feather & Bone

Feather and Bone sources directly from local producers in NSW who are committed to nurturing the health of the land and the plants and animals it sustains. Feather and Bone believe there’s a fundamental link between the way an animal is raised and the way it tastes on your plate. Where you find passionate, intelligent farmers who put the welfare of their land and animals first you will almost certainly find exceptional produce. 

Jacqui Newling, Colonial Gastronomer

Jacqui explores our history and heritage through food. Our historic properties have been home to many hundreds of people and they all had to eat. And while we can’t meet them for a chat, we can get a taste of their lives!

Jacqui has a Le Cordon Bleu masters’ degree in gastronomy and specialises in early Australian foodways. As Sydney Living Museums’ resident gastronomer and curator of our Eat Your History projects, Jacqui takes a hands-on role to investigate the type of food that was served in our historic houses – from the dreaded ‘hominy’ served to convicts at Hyde Park Barracks to the feasts found on the finer tables of Sydney’s elite and the humble dishes prepared in working class kitchens of Susannah Place in the Rocks. Jacqui co-curated the Eat Your History: A Shared Table exhibition at the Museum of Sydney, hosts regular colonial gastronomy programs at many of our properties and is ‘The Cook’ in Sydney Living Museums’ food history blog, The Cook and the Curator.

Kristen Allan, Cheesemakers

Kristen’s pursuit of becoming a cheesemaker is one that has taken her around the world and back. Learning from artisan producers using traditional techniques, Kristen has a passion for preserving artisan methods and making cheese with a truly hands-on approach.

Taught by veteran Master Cheesemaker Neil Willman, Kristen has worked on farms including Tongola goat farm (Tasmania) and Mare Nostrum (Andalucia, Spain) learning the full process, from animal husbandry and hand milking, to the cheesemaking process itself and onto the art of affinage.

She has presented cheesemaking at produce events for Feather & Bone, the Italian Festival, Berta’s spring cheese sagra and more recently presented masterclasses at Rootstock, the Sustainable and Artisan Wine and Food festival.

Kristen is a founding member of Full Circle. For the last 4 years Full Circle been holding food events, big, festive, secret dinners in unique, urban locations, factories, warehouses and farms. They run pop up ‘soupy’ in public spaces, and cook for private events too – sourcing and growing produce, meeting farmers, picking wild foods and making everything by hand, with care.

Kristen’s passion and her hospitality pedigree has given her a unique perspective in sourcing and producing seasonal ingredients and educating people about them in a way that comes from the heart and is above all, lots of fun.

Kirsten Bradley & Nick Ritar, Milkwood Permaculture

At Milkwood we are all about helping folks to cultivate community. We want to help everyone to become skilled, active, knowledgeable and motivated to create the futures they need. So we’re dedicated to providing free online resources and a range of in-person courses and workshops in backyard skills, as well as professional start-up skills to take your knowledge to the next level.

Wildcraft Australia – Bush Wandering Tours

Wildcraft Australia will run bush food wander tours throughout the day. Discover interesting and useful plants. Taste some bush tucker and learn about plants that can be used for food, medicine, fire, and rope making and also learn plants to avoid. Wildcraft Australia, run courses in bush craft, wilderness survival skills and nature connection.



When & Where

Sunday 31 May 2015 9AM–2PM

Rouse Hill House & Farm

356 Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill, NSW 2155
+612 9627 6777