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For the first time ever, Brian and Donna Seidler will lead tours of their family home (formerly Marcus Seidler House).

Commissioned by Brian’s father, Marcus Seidler, this property forms part of an estate – that includes the Rose Seidler and Julian Rose houses – designed by Harry Seidler for his parents and extended family. Brian will discuss his experience growing up surrounded by Seidler-designed homes, and the renovations he and his wife commissioned Seidler & Associates to undertake so they could raise their own family in the same environment.

About the building
The house, built in 1949, was originally a modest two-bedroomed home. In 1958 Harry Seidler designed an addition, consisting of two more bedrooms and a bathroom that was added to the eastern end of the structure. The original design of the building was retained, and a steel spiral staircase that connected the ground plane to the recessed balcony that protected the extensive northern glazing was moved to the new eastern end.

In 2004 Brian and Donna approached Harry Seidler & Associates to design a further addition for the house to accommodate their growing family. The important elements of the original 1949 section of the house were retained and restored, while the new floor space extended the original suspended hollow box. Outside the house, at ground level, the original off-set, opposed, screen walls (one with a Seidler mural) were adopted as a device to integrate internal and external covered spaces and a new swimming pool.

The existing cabinetwork and furnishings, such as curtains and carpets, were restored and replaced following forensic examination of old materials found discarded on the site, and new fittings were designed to complement the existing.

Design/Completion: 1949–51, with additions in 1958–59 & 2008          

Tour leaders: Brian & Donna Seidler

Additional information                 

  • Please note that there will be access only to living and exterior spaces on this tour
  • No photography is permitted
  • This house is not wheelchair accessible
  • Participants must leave all bags at the entrance to the house, and may be required to remove their shoes

Bookings essential

General $40
Concession/Members $35


SUNDAY 16 NOVEMBER 2014 1PM–2PMSold out



Exact location to be confirmed at time of booking