Mr Joseph Weinreich will lead a tour of the Weinreich House, the family home he commissioned Harry Seidler to build in the early 1960s. 

Mr Weinreich will talk about the client–architect relationship and how Seidler’s design shaped his family’s life.

About the building

‘Built on a site sloping up from the street, this house is orientated to the northeast front, where the living room and parents’ bedroom’s continuous balcony overlook a park and a distant view of the harbour.

The rear garden and terrace are accessible from the central children’s play space. The slope of the ground resulted in two levels, with a double garage and spare room excavated below.

The central dining space is contained by a semicircular parapet wall separating the levels, and is lit by a round skylight over the dining table.’

From H Seidler, Houses and Interiors 1, The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 2003, p120

Design/Completion: 1961

Tour leader: Mr Weinreich

Additional information

  • Photographs may be taken only of the building’s exterior.
  • Neither the site nor house are wheelchair accessible.
  • No large bags are permitted in the house.
  • Participants will be required to remove their shoes before entering the house.


Bookings essential

General $40
Concession/Members $35

When & Where

Saturday 15 November 2014 10AM–10.50AM



Exact location to be confirmed at time of booking