Built for the Bush

the green architecture of rural Australia

For Australia’s rural settlers the creation of simple, energy efficient homes was a matter of situational necessity with their limited access to materials, skills and resources.

Today, architects recognize the conservation of energy as a global imperative and are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the creation and maintenance of modern housing.

In this new light the low-energy solutions of the 19th century rural house are being reappraised: the environmental suitability of traditional building materials has been recognised; water is again being treated like a precious commodity and passive shade, ventilation and heating strategies are once more being utilized to condition the air.

Built for the Bush has returned from a New South Wales touring schedule and is now based at Rouse Hill House & Farm in the Visitors' Centre - closing on Thursday 28 January 2016. It will be available for tour across Australia from early 2016.


An exhibition from the NSW State Cultural Institutions

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the low-energy solutions of the 19th century rural house are being reappraised

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Open during Visitor Centre hours
Must close 28 January 2016
Open during Visitor Centre hours<br>Must close 28 January 2016

Next Open Wednesday 21 November 2018

10AM - 4PM

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