Poignant regalia: 19th century Aboriginal images and breastplates

From White Australia’s perspective so much of Aboriginal history is silence.

Early contact was often recorded by Europeans but the Aboriginal response is largely lost to us. Many fragile Aboriginal cultural artefacts have long since disappeared as they were stolen, exchanged, or lost. The only tangible cross-cultural artefact remaining from this period is the breastplate. Breastplates were fashioned by one culture in an attempt to reconstruct its social system within the other. Thus, a fantasy of princesses, princes, kings and queens was created by early settler society and the breastplate was its expression.

Exhibition produced to coincide with the 1993 International Year for the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

Tour Schedule
National Library of Australia, Canberra | 14 September - 21 October 1993
Queensland Museum, Brisbane | 1 November - 28 November 1993
Wollongong City Gallery | 10 December 1993 - 30 January 1994
Western Australian Museum, Perth | 14 February - 31 March 1994


25 May 1993 - 4 July 1993

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