Hands-on History 2022

Key Information

Cost (GST free)
$50 per school provides access for all classes to all sessions during the week.
20 minutes
Session Offered
Monday 5 September - Friday 9 September 2022, 2pm
Sydney Living Museums and the State Archives and Records Authority bring History alive for your students during History Week 2022.

Each day a museum educator will showcase a special object from our collections in a series of bite-sized virtual sessions. Each session is paired with a hands-on activity to complete in the classroom. 

Note: This is an online event. Your connection details will be sent to you prior to the event.

Monday 5 September, 2pm

Picturing the Past at Rouse Hill Estate

Looking out over the paddocks and across to the mountains, Rouse Hill has been owned by six generations of one family. In this session we take a glimpse in to the life of Bessie Rouse, investigating objects to discover insights into her daily life on this grand estate. After the session, students can create their own landscape painting. 

Activity: Landscape art activity (PDF)

Tuesday 6 September, 2pm

Convict ingenuity at the Hyde Park Barracks

Do you ever wonder how the convicts of the Hyde Park Barracks coped with hard labour, strict rules and often harsh conditions and punishments? In this session we investigate objects from the Hyde Park Barracks archaeology revealing stories of convict resilience and ingenuity. After the session make a game like one crafted and played by convicts at the Hyde Park Barracks.

Activity: Make your own clay marbles (PDF)

Wednesday 7 September, 2pm

Objects about Gadi Country from the Museum of Sydney

Explore objects made and used by Aboriginal crafts people using traditional materials and techniques, and consider how these were used by the fisherwomen of Gadi Country. In the session you will have a chance to warurabanga, make string, with Sam Snedden, a Wiradjuri and Dunghutti woman, using the traditional techniques she has learned. You can complete your string in class after the session. 

Activity: Warurabanga – Make string (PDF)

Thursday 8 September, 2pm

Lighting up the Past at Vaucluse House

It is hard to imagine a world without electric lights. Today, we can flood a room with light with the flick of a switch, and our cities are so bright it can be hard to see the stars at night. In this session we will explore the time before electric lights at Vaucluse House, investigate objects that helped people light their homes, and imagine what it was like to live by candlelight. After the session students can make their own rolled beeswax candle, play a shadow game called ‘shadow buff’ or draw a shadow silhouette. 

Activity: Make a rolled beeswax candle & shadow buff (PDF)

Friday 9 September, 2pm

Convict Ticket of Leave records from the NSW State Archives

A ticket of leave was a reward granted to a convict for good behaviour, allowing them to work for themselves under specific conditions. They are precious objects because not many survive. The Government kept records of the tickets of leave and could revoke them if conditions were not met. Join us in this session to look at the Government records. See how they were kept and learn more about what kinds of conditions were placed on ticket of leave convicts. 

Activity: Draw a convict from an indent (PDF)

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