The Project: History Extension Seminar Day 2021

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Cost (GST free)
$20 (GST included)
Thursday 11 November 2021
Full day (9am – 2.15pm)
Session Offered
Online program
In 2021 we will continue our successful collaboration with the State Library of NSW to bring you The Project, our annual full-day History Extension seminar focused on the History Project.

Please note that this year the entire day will be delivered online.

We are proud to be able to present a range of talks and workshops, delivered by practising historians, archaeologists and museum and library professionals, which offer students fresh insights into historiography.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity for your students to develop their research skills and gain invaluable advice, resources and inspiration as they embark on their own History Project.

Presented in partnership with the State Library of NSW

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History Extension Seminar

Summary of the program



Janson Hews, Head of Production and Experience, Sydney Living Museums

Richard Neville, Mitchell Librarian and Director, Engagement, State Library of New South Wales


Keynote Speaker: Dr Lisa Murray 

Join City Historian, Dr Lisa Murray on the writing of history sharing her inspiration from her current research project, which examines the influence of the Toohey’s brewery on pub culture in NSW, 1880-1980.


Panel discussion followed by Remembrance Day acknowledgment

Historians on the writing of history

Audience driven panel discussion with practising historians Dr Lisa Murray, Dr Craig Barker and Fiona Radford, chaired by Dr Jennifer Lawless, on what it takes to produce an effective piece of writing based on historical research.


Keynote Speaker: Jonathon Dallimore

The History Extension Project: Getting the job done

Practical advice and strategies to assist students in setting up and completing the History Extension project.



Research skills

In this Research Session you will be introduced to the skills and understanding you need to successfully undertake your research journey. 


Panel discussion

Former students on the writing of The Project 

Q&A with high-achieving former history extension students.

A more detailed program can be found here.

Summary of the subsidy eligibility

Sydney Living Museums and the State Library of New South Wales are offering to subsidise a number of places at this event.

Who is eligible?

  • Schools requesting support must be secondary schools in NSW receiving Resource Allocation Model (RAM) funding with an FOEI of 100 or over.
  • This subsidy is applicable only for attendance by students currently enrolled in the History Extension course. Teachers are not eligible for the subsidy.
  • Priority will be given to schools that have not previously attended this event.

For full terms and conditions and information on how to apply, click here.

To read the subsidy letter please click here


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